Grace Lutheran Church -Everett

Immersing Yourself in Grace

We do hope that you will "get involved" when you come to Grace Lutheran Church. Our vision is to equip you so that you can know, grow, and show God's love, and then pass it on to others. Here are three practical ways you can put this into action.

KNOW God's love through regular worship attendance at Grace.

GROW in God's love through being connected to a small group or other ministry.

SHOW God's love through serving in our church and community.

We have groups and ministries for all different ages and interests. Take a moment to check them out and find a way that you can grow in God's love here at Grace Lutheran Church.

Get Involved

Even though there are so many ways you can become involved in our community, don't participate just for the sake of activity. It is always important that you slow down and rediscover what matters most about your relationship with Jesus. Remember to get involved with the things that will be the most life giving for you and for your family.