Grace Lutheran Church -Everett

Am I Required to Tithe?

In the Old Testament, a tithe, 10% of one's possessions, was given to the local temple for the priests and the upkeep of the temple. In an agricultural society, the people gave back the first tenth of production from their land, which was called "first-fruits giving". People also gave special offerings (called free will offerings), as they were able to help fund specific needs.

In the New Testament, the first disciples were instructed to give generously back to God's mission with the promise, "whoever sows generously will reap generously." We encourage our members to give generously to the mission of Grace Lutheran, as well as other ministries as God leads you.

How Do I Give?

You can give weekly or monthly through cash or check. Please make checks payable to "Grace Lutheran Church". It is helpful when you give cash to give through your tithing envelope for record keeping purposes. You can also give through your bank's automated payment system, which automatically deducts a predetermined amount from your bank account that you set up. For some, this helps them give consistently, especially when they miss a Sunday or are on vacation. Remember that your contributions are tax-deductible.


Why Should I Give to the Church?

We encourage our members to give in response to the grace

of God we have all received in Jesus Christ. In view of God's

mercy, we can offer up our time, talents and treasures back to God for His use to reach others with the Good News. The Bible teaches us to be good managers of the gifts we have been given, and to give back generously to God's mission through the local church and other avenues.